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Tuck shop - lunch menu


Lunch Menu

Available to buy from the ‘Tuck Shop’ every Monday & Tuesday

Rolls  €3.50 each   

Choice of Fillings:

Ø Chicken fillet

Ø Chicken salad

Ø Ham and cheese

Ø Cheese, tomato and onion


Healthy/Cereal bars €1.50



Bottled Water   €1

Vit hits    €2


‘Meal Deal’  -- Roll + Bar + Water = €5

Ailna Carr
Literacy Drive - January 2018

Re: Literacy Drive

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As part of our schools Literacy Drive, we have identified several areas of focus for the coming term and beyond. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of these plans and ask for support in running them. Our identified Literacy Targets are:

1.      To raise awareness of and promote literacy in the school. 

2.      To promote reading for pleasure. 

3.      To improve the reading ages of students through a targeted intervention of ‘DEAR Time’ 


Upcoming events:

Friday 26th January – Book Drive. We are asking for donations of suitable books for teens to support the creation of our ‘class libraries’. Each student who donates a book will be awarded VS Ware points.

Monday 19th February – Friday 23rd March - DEAR Time Initiative (Drop Everything and Read). We will dedicate 15 minutes of each day to Reading for Pleasure for a five week period. Students will keep track of their progress on a class wallchart. We will use the materials from the Book Drive and our own collection of books to ensure each student follows our ‘book in the bag’ policy.

As part of our extra-curricular programme, we will soon be launching a weekly Book Club. More details will be shared with the students as to exact times etc. in the coming days. The chosen book is ‘Spirit of the Titanic’ and we have already secured a visit from the author, Nicole Pierce in the near future.

We also hope to have several more exciting activities surrounding World Book Day whereby we hope to raise the profile of literacy in the school.

In addition to this, please find attached a recommended Reading List for your child. We would also encourage your child to join the local library and make reading part of their everyday habit. Research shows that teenagers who regularly read have a broader vocabulary and improved writing skills. It can also improve their critical thinking skills amongst a range of other benefits.

If you have any queries/concerns regarding our Literacy plan, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you as always for your support.

Yours sincerely,


Kathy Jones, Principal



First Year Recommended Reading List:

In Pieces – Trinity Comprehensive Writing Group 

Tuck Everlasting – Nicole Babbitt

The Real Rebecca - Anna Carey

Girl Stolen – April Henry 

Night John – Gary Paulsen

Half the Man, Twice the Lawyer – John Grisham

The Cay – Theodore Taylor 

Buddy – Nigel Hinton 

Skellig – David Almond 

Wonder - R.J. Palacio 

Artemis Fowl – Eoin Colfer 

Wilderness – Roddy Doyle 

Coraline – Neil Gaiman 

Girl Missing – Sophie McKenzie 

Private Peaceful – Michael Morpurgo 

Cirque du Freak – Darren Shan

The Hobbit – J.R.R. Tolkein 

The Scarecrow and his Servant – Philip Pullman  

Skulduggery Pleasant – Derek Landy 

The Boy who Lost his Face - Louis Sachar   



Second Year Recommended Reading List:

Stone Cold – Robert Swindells 

The Dare – John Boyne

Shadows on our Skin – Jennifer Johnson 

The Weight of Water – Sarah Crossan

Lord of the Flies – William Golding 

The Outsiders – S.E. Hinton

To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee 

Noughts and Crosses – Malorie Blackman 

Jane Eyre – Charlotte Brontë

Once - Morris Gleitzman

Animal Farm – George Orwell

The Book of Lost Things – John Connolly 

Of Mice and Men – John Steinbeck

Chalkline – Jane Mitchell 

Trash – Andy Mulligan

True Grit – Charles Portis 

The Knife of Never Letting Go – Patrick Ness 

Into the Grey – Celine Kiernan

My Ántonia– Willa Cather

The Wind Singer – William Nicholson


*Please note that these lists are guidelines only and have been taken from the JCT website.

Ailna Carr
Newsletter - 4th of December 2017

As we approach our second Winter Holidays as a new school we would like to take this opportunity to say how much we enjoy working in partnership with the students, staff and parents/guardians.  We are making excellent progress in the development of the school thanks to this team effort.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.  Please see announcements below for your information.


Parent Council

All parents/guardians are automatically part of the Parents Association of the school and are encouraged to get actively involved.  Our Parent Council held their AGM recently and the members were elected.  Please follow their Twitter page @BRE_ETSS_PA


Brennan Insurance

The Parent Council are organising Personal Accident Insurance for the students in the school. Please see the accompanying form for details.  There are two options available:

·         Option A          24 hour cover                                      €8.40 per student per annum

·         Option B          School related activities only              €5.40 per student per annum

This Insurance is optional, however if your wish to avail of one of these options, please return to your child’s tutor, the completed form with the exact amount only in an envelope with your child’s name and class by Monday 11th of December.


Class Library Book Drive

In an attempt to promote reading, the school Literacy Team are in the process of creating Class Libraries for each group in the school. If any families have books that would be suitable reading for 1st or 2nd year students and wish to donate them, we would greatly appreciate it. Book boxes will be left in the main hall and students can drop books in each morning.


Phenomenon Based Learning

The week beginning the 18th of December, all of our students will be working on a Phenomenon Based Learning (PBL) project.  This is an innovative and exciting approach to learning that our staff have been planning with the Bridge 21 Team in Trinity College Dublin.  Parents/Guardians will be invited into a display of the PBL work and to our Winter Awards Ceremony during that week.  More details to follow.


University trips

At present all Clann leaders are arranging visits to universities for all class groups.  We hope that these experiences will motivate your child to think about their future choices.



Please check and sign your child’s homework journal on a weekly basis.  All teachers assign regular homework and students should record all their homework in the journal, even if it is uploaded to One Note.



All students must bring lunch with them every day to school.  Please remember that there are no facilities to purchase food in the school.


Cold Weather

As we are currently experiencing very cold weather we would like to remind you that every student should wear a jacket/coat to school.  Please also make sure that students who cycle to school wear a safety helmet.



A reminder that school begins each morning at 8.30am.  Supervision on the school premises begins at 8.20am.  Please ensure your child arrives on time each morning to school to prevent disruption to class.


New School Building

The architects have been in touch with a building completion date of end April/ early May 2018.  This is great news and we will keep you informed of any further developments as we have them.

Sarah Jane Willis
Newsletter - 13th of November 2017


School Closure

Please note that school will be closed for the full day on Thursday 30th of November to facilitate further Junior Cycle Training.


2nd Year Parent Teacher Meetings - change of calendar date

2nd Year Parent Teacher Meetings will now take place on Wednesday 29th of November from 4.15pm – 6.45pm.


Parent Council Coffee Morning

The Parents Council would like to invite all parents and guardians to a coffee morning in the school at 11.10am on Wednesday 15th of November.  All are welcome to attend.


Parent Council AGM

The Parents Council AGM will take place in the school at 7pm on Wednesday 22nd of November.  All parents and guardians are encouraged to attend.


Ailna Carr
2017/2018 School Year

Welcome Back

I would like to welcome all our pupils and families back from their summer holidays and wish everyone an enjoyable and successful school year for 2017/2018.  Welcome to all of our new families joining the school, we hope to get to know you all over the course of the year.  Parents are welcome to take part in the many events run in the school each year by the teachers and parent’s council. 


Parents Council

We have an active parent’s council and we would encourage you to get involved or attend some of the activities organised.  Last year our parents worked with us to help develop our Positive Behaviour Policy; we will have more opportunity for this type of activity this year. Getting involved will allow us to build good relationships and enable us to work as a team as your child progresses through the school.  Talking to other parents may provide you with some support as your child becomes a teenager.  Being involved in your child’s school life shows them that you are invested in their education.


Morning Supervision

Starting from Monday, September 4th, for all pupils, the school will be providing supervision from 8.20am.  Students should not arrive any earlier to school.

Students must arrive on time; late arrival will be managed using our Code of Positive Behaviour.  Parents support is appreciated.


Dress Code

Please familiarise yourself with the school dress code, it can be found on the school website .  Please note some students are wearing flip flops/sliders to school, they are not suitable for PE class or activities that may happen throughout the day, for health and safety reasons, and therefore they should not be worn to school.


Contacting School

1.       Calling to the school. If during class times, you have a message for a pupil or wish to contact the teacher, please call firstly to the secretary’s office.  Please do not call your child on their phone as they are not allowed to use mobile phones during class times.

2.       If your child rings you from their mobile during the school day.  Please remind them not to use their personal phone to call home, if they ask in the office they will be allowed to call home.  If they have an issue or problem please encourage them to seek assistance from any staff member or in the office.

3.       Forgotten Equipment and Lunches.  Now that your child is in Secondary School we are trying to encourage them to become more independent, therefore if they leave lunch or equipment at home, they should not ask their parents to bring the items to the school.

4.       Absent notes/Letters to the teacher. There is a section in the school diary for parents to write notes.  You child’s Tutor is the first port of call.

5.       Text Alerts.  The school uses a texting system to alert parents of various activities, if you change phone number or any other contact details, please ensure that your contact details are updated in the office as soon as possible.


School Carpark

The school carpark is for staff cars only, parents can drop off and collect students.  Please note there is a one-way system in place, please drive in the second gate. Please drive slowly.


Healthy Lunches

Until we have a canteen in place in our new building, all students are asked to bring in a healthy lunch.  Students will be awarded VSware points if the staff see them eating healthy nutritious food.  Fizzy drinks are not allowed.



Unfortunately the delivery of 1st Year lockers has been delayed by 12 weeks.  This is disappointing but is unavoidable.  We hope by the time we have moved into the new building, the lockers will be installed.  We will keep you informed on any developments.



From next week, all students will have homework/home learning.  Homework will be recorded in the student’s diary.  Parents should sign the diary each night when the homework is completed.  To help your child meet the homework deadlines you might put a calendar up in the house and ask them to mark in when Homework is due.  Some children may need more help than others with organisation skills.  Parents support is appreciated.


School Trips

School trips are part of the curriculum, students must attend all trips organised.  Permission slips will be sent out for all school trips; students must get them signed by a parent and return it to school.  If they do not have a permission slip, they will have to remain in the school and work will be set for them.  This is to be discouraged, as supervision would need to be provided.  Parents support in this matter is appreciated.


Key Skills

This year we are focusing on the Junior Cycle Key Skills.  Key skills help learners develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to face the many challenges in today’s world. They also support students in learning how to learn and to take responsibility for their own learning.  Parents should familiarise themselves with the language of key skills as you will hear your child using this language throught the year.

Managing Information and Thinking

Managing Myself

Working with Others


Being Creative

Staying Well

Being Numerate

Being Literate


JuniorCycle Key Skills.png



Ailna Carr
After school clubs

Please see some photos of our after school cooking club below. During the year students made pizza,  Croissants, buns and mini quiche

Kathy Jones
Development Education

Development Education

We have recently been informed that our school will be awarded a diplomatic passport for our work in Development Education on 27th of April. One teacher and four students are invited to attend the event. 
During the year our teachers attended the Ethical Conference with our students who presented their Shadow Puppetry Project with a Gender Equality Theme.  All of our students are involved in Development Educational activities, which run through all of our subjects.  The students keep reflective Journals on their lessons and  DE activities.  We are very fortunate to have an experienced a Parent who is a professional researcher in the area of development education on our Board of Management.  He attended some of the meetings with our teachers and World Wise.  

Kathy Jones
Phenomenon based Learning (P.B.L.)

Phenomenon Based Learning (P.B.L.)

Our students have just participated in a two day session of Phenomenon Based Learning. This involved students engaging with the Phenomenon of ‘Energy’.  This involved us ‘dropping the timetable’ and allowing students to choose their own Research Question based on the Phenomenon and then create a product to show their learning.  It really was a success.   We are looking forward tomany more events like these!

Kathy Jones
Bridge 21

Bridge 21

We were delighted to work with Trinity College and Bridge21 this year, they held many workshops for our students and teachers.   So far we have looked at planning and development of the school, Phenomenon based learning, Collaboration and lesson planning  We are now working on assessment practices and procedures alongside the other new Educate Together Secondary Schools.

Kathy Jones
Creative Engagement


Our Creative Engagement project has just been finalised -  each of our students have worked with a stained glass artist to design and createtheir own unique piece. The final product will be installed in the window of our new school canteen.  It was a wonderful experience and we look forward to taking part in a Creative Engagement project in the future.

Image-1 (1).png
Kathy Jones
Lenny Abrahamson Visit


The school recently hosted a visit from film director Lenny Abrahamson. Lenny is involved with the Educate Together 120 Campaign .Lenny was hugely impresses with our school and students and calling us ‘positive, joyful, inclusive’!  The students enjoyed listening to Lenny who talked about his directing career and where his inspiration for his movies comes from.  We had many questions for him, many of our students spoke about their attempts at making i movies for some of their classes.

Kathy Jones
Restorative Practice Workshop

On the 12th of January we held a Restorative Practices Introduction Workshop for the entire school community.  Students Parents and Teachers worked together for the day.  Michelle Stowe from delivered the workshop.    It was a very successful day .  The workshop was designed to promote positive relationships and communication.  It will help to inform our Code of Positive Behaviour review.  We enjoyed working together!

Kathy Jones

Students have developed skills and knowledge around safety in the lab. They now recognise various health and safety issues in the lab as well as the preventative measures needed to avoid these hazards. Students have investigated the structure of animal and plant cells and related them to their function. They made  physical models of the cells out of recycled material and were assessed on content knowledge and the key skills of creativity, communication and teamwork. Students have also observed the organisation and characteristics of life. Check out our Twitter page @BrePEandSci.

Kathy Jones

Hello I'm Kevin and I'm the History teacher here at Bremore E.T.S.S. So far this year we have looked at the important work of the historian and the archaeologist and compiled materials for a school time-capsule. This will be opened in 2022 when our current first years will be preparing to leave Bremore as well-rounded, intelligent and compassionate young people ready to embark on the next phase of their lives!

For the past few weeks we have been studying the ancient past and piecing together the history of the first peoples to settle on the island of Ireland. I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead full of field trips to galleries and museums, cross-curricular projects, studying the local history of Balbriggan and to learning about ancient civilizations such as the Celts and Romans, life in Medieval Ireland and studying the great works of Renaissance artisans. I look forward to working with everyone over the coming year.


Kathy Jones

Over the past weeks Art students have been learning key skills in drawing, and using their drawing skills for investigation, research and design. Have a look at the great sketchpad work featured as students are developing their skills through homework drawings.

Fantastic work is being done on our African birds sculpture project, each student has made a unique freestanding sculpture using recycled materials which will be decorated according to their individual design plans.

Each student should be very proud of the high standard of work they have accomplished in Art class, it is wonderful to see emerging talent and the consistent hard work is truly paying off.


Kathy Jones

Coding is now in full swing at the minute. Students are learning about algorithms, commands and de-bugging at present. In each lesson, the students explore these aspects of coding by applying them to real life situations, for example; teaching someone how to dance or giving instructions to their classmates about certain tasks. Once students are confident about the principles they explore by carrying out these tasks they apply them in a coding programme called ‘swift playgrounds’ which is currently apples most popular coding app. The progress of each individual student in this subject is clear to see. 

Kathy Jones
Our First Week!

Our first two weeks started off with a focus on building relationships, belonging, working together and active learning.  Some of the activities involved making wish balloons, Irish dancing, learning names, talking about the expectations of students and teachers, learning about new subjects and trying out new ways to learn.  

The whole school went on a trip to Glendalough  in Co. Wicklow.  Students got to try out their research and presenting skills while thier.  Wriggle came to the school to deliver the students ipads, this cause great excitement.  The Bridge 21 Team came into  the school  to work with the students using the iMovie App and active teaching methodologies, the classrooms and corridors became alive with activity.  

Check out our gallery for more photos!

Kathy Jones
Opening of the First North Fingal Educate Together Secondary School

Bremore Educate Together Secondary School opened its doors for the first time on Monday 29th of August, welcoming its first intake of  40 students who will begin to set the standards and ethos for the students that come after them as the school builds towards an ultimate capacity of 1,000.

The school has partnered with Trinity College's 'Bridge 21' programme which draws on expertise from some of the tech giants operating in Ireland to research and deliver, up-to-the-minute technology and teaching methods to the classroom.

There was a media frenzy both in and outside the building with both television presenters and local newspapers present.  The excitment around the school was evident!

Sandra Irwin-Gowran, Educate Together, Education & Support Programme Manager welcomed the Parents Students and Friends to the school, she then introduced Educate Together CEO Paul Row who said he was very excited about the opening of Bremore ETSS.  He told the audience "This is a big step forward for the very large number of parents who send their children to Educate Together National School.  We have two very large Educate Together Schools here in Balbriggan and we're absolutely delighted to be able to provide a really excellent child centered ethical educational environment for the secondary education of the children.  We're very impressed by the high quality team that have come to work here in the school.  This will be a path finding, innovative secondary school and it is really going to serve the people of Balbriggan for a very long time to come" 

Principal Kathy Jones welcomed the students and Parents to the school, saying 'Our school is like the beginning of a painting on a big canvas. We have our design brief, it places the student at its center. Our students, teachers and parents are the artists, we will provide them with their tools, the pallet is as bright as our school logo! It is my hope that we paint a happy, vibrant, welcoming school, one where every student feels a real sense of belonging. I want to acknowledge the efforts of everyone who has contributed to this milestone - thank you!'

Check out the gallery for photos of the day.

Kathy Jones
1st Year 2016 Parent and Student Meeting
school balbriggan

We will hold a meeting for incoming students and parents on Monday 27th of June at 6.30pm in our temporary building (currently Colaiste Ghlor na Mara on the Naul Road)  It will allow you and your child a chance to see the building we will be in in September.  You will also have a chance to meet some of the new teachers.  We will also be talking about the Time Table and the Second Level Induction Week. Gary from Wriggle will be there to help you with any issues around the purchase of iPads (please note the iPad store will close on the 8th of August to allow for the upload of eBooks, apps, office365 and preparation for deployment.)

If you know of other students and parents who are coming to our school in September, I would be grateful if you would alert them about this meeting. Please note if you have any outstanding documentation for your child it can be brought to the meeting.  

Fred Jones
Admissions and Recruitment

Great excitement!  

We are now recruiting new teachers for Bremore Educate Together Secondary School, you can find information about the posts on our careers page of the website.  Do you know anyone that would like to teach in our school?  Take a look at our teaching and learning statement on the career page, if they fit the bill, tell them about us!

I am arranging visits to the local primary schools during the month of May to tell the students that admission for 1st year 2017 will open at the end of the month.  Do you know a child in 5th class, please tell them about us! There are limited places available in 1st year 2016.

Fred Jones